Our purpose is to fill lives with experiences.

We are culture connectors and emotion makers.

We exist to give people ideas to share, stories to tell and memories to hold.


TUCAN was created as a full-service event production and leading supplier that can develop and execute credible and relevant brand-centric solutions.  

The focus of TUCAN is “Putting Brands in Consumer Hands.” TUCAN excels in the generation and execution of innovative brand experience, brand building programs designed to stimulate growth for our clients.

A strong breadth of diversity and experience that brings a unique perspective to our creative solutions.

- Strong specialties in fabrication, sports & entertainment marketing, trade shows, event production, sampling and hospitality, content creation, audio, video, lighting, staging, scenic design & creation
- 18+ years of client engagement marketing expertise
Depth of Resources
- 12+ full-time agency employees
- Diverse Cross-Cultural/Pan-American marketing practitioners
- HQ Office: Miami
Commitment to Excellence
- Creative and strategic planning
- Dedicated account teams tailored to fit the need of individual clients
- Seasoned account leadership
- Specialized in-house production services
Strategic Brand and US/LATAM/CARIBBEAN Based Brand Experiential & Marketing Expertise
The cultural environment is not one-dimensional and neither are we!
The strategies we build are guided by the expo, brand and the marketplace
Focus on Measuring Success and Learning
We will constantly measure, impact and improve Expo programs based on current market learnings
Flawless Execution and Account Management
Our “clients first” approach mirrors the Exhibitor positioning--we will focus on your needs, not our systems
Our depth of resources allow us to provide full range of client management and execution in-house